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About Service Design

What is Service Design?

A tale of two coffee shops

This short video from FJORD, Accenture Interactive, uses storytelling to educate the audience on the value of Service Design.

"Good Design is Good Business."
- Thomas Watson -

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The Design process revolves around 3 key milestones, Right Problem, Right Solution, and Built Right.  Depending on the level of design maturity an organization or team has, we might find ourselves starting at various points within this process. 

It’s important however to understand that the true value of design is realized when we're able to follow this process from the beginning, by first being able to clearly define the problem we’re trying to solve. 


This is our first opportunity to leverage customer and internal research and data and develop a formal scope of work.  This sets us on a path toward a solution with the customer at the center and with a STRATEGY guiding us.  This first phase is often taken for granted and even left out entirely. 

"Design brings content into focus; design makes function visible."
- Jennifer Morla -

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